No one should die from an asthma attack or severe allergic reaction.

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Dr. Randy Kohl

Board Chair


of Directors

Providers / pharmacists

Asthma/severe allergy


For more than 10 years, AIRE Nebraska has devoted its energy & resources to keeping Nebraska's school children alive.


asthma / allergy management at school
This is a team effort and everyone has a part: schools, providers, parents and even students.

Emergencies will happen - action plans, student medication, staff education & training, policy, risk mitigationand theRule 59 protocol all work together to save lives.
Providers, please:
  • Provide a diagnosis and prescribe proper medication for school use.
  • Provide an asthma/allergy action plan for school use and communicate need for accommodation.
  • Monitor student's health status regularly.
Parents, please:
  • Notify school of student's allergies/asthma.
  • Provide asthma/allergy action plan and  medications as directed by a provider.
  • Provide school with up-to-date emergency contact information in case of emergency.

Asthma / Anaphylaxis Intervention, Resources & Education in Nebraska

Andrea Holka

Executive Director

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