No one should die from an asthma attack or severe allergic reaction.

Wrightslaw has accurate, reliable information about special education law, education law, and advocacy for children with disabilities.

Some great information on Section 504 Plans and civil rights. ALSO, curriculum for ALL ages to enrich students on their understanding of food allergy.

Sample 504

Your child may qualify for a plan written specifically to his/her needs - in public schools, this is called a Section 504 Plan. This page will provide some links for both parents and schools with guidance and resources on 504 Plans for children at risk for anaphylaxis and life-threatening asthma attacks. 

Kids with Food Allergies presents fantastic webinars with wonderful speakers - this is one of many worthwhile webinars you should take the time to listen to and to LEARN from!

RESOURCE page from webinar

Another resource page from KFA:

School Health Care Plans for Child with Food Allergy

Sample 504 A

Sample 504 B

Sample 504 C

Sample 504 D

GREAT resource for schools and parents! Many states already have guidelines in place for schools - Nebraska does not. This can be very helpful!

FARE is the global go-to organization for  up-to-date information on food allergy.  They also have resources for schools and parents on a variety of topics.

504 Plans

This is an easy-to-read booklet on how to get a 504 Plan rolling with your school.  

Rhonda Riggott Stevens’ work and advocacy efforts with food allergy and asthma management have been cited by school districts, used in college courses, and written about in various books, magazine and newspaper articles nationwide.  Check out the 504 Primer and 504 Plan Outline!